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​The Difference between Pneumatic and Electric Tapping Machine

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What is a Tapping Machine?

A tapping machine is utilized in drilling or creating thread holes on a particular surface area. Tapping machines differ from the small bench machines applied to the finest jeweler's performance to the massive, industrial equipment that bores holes that are large, in steel forgings at a remarkable speed. Appropriate selection of a tapping machine ultimately depends on the components to be tapered, the thread length to be created, and also the accuracy needed.

What is Pneumatic Tapping Machine?

This is a machine having a pneumatic motor as it's drive in the tapping process. It uses very high-pressure air in its working. This type of tapping machine is known as an air tapping machine, that utilizes, a maximum compact motor speed of 10000 rpm. The mechanism works through the star gear, reaching an output of large torque function. It is known to achieve very positive results.


The components of the pneumatic tapping machine include the following

  • The pneumatic motor

  • The fixed seat

  • The quick couplers

  • The gas source processor

  • Flex arm

  • Universal head (optional)

  • Plastic Pipe

  • Tap holder


  • The pneumatic tapping machine goes beyond the limitations of hand tapping or drilling machines or lathe machine.
  • It has tap overload protection, can adjust the tapping torque, avoid to break the tap.

  • It saves a great amount of time

  • Reduces the labor stress and makes tapping very easy.

  • Pneumatic tapping machine is arbitrary mobile, portable, flexible and efficient.


The application of the pneumatic tapping machine is widespread, ranging from manufacturing industries to engineering machinery, packaging machinery, automobile machinery, tobacco machinery, aircraft engines, printing machinery and the standard machinery industries.

What is Electric Tapping Machine?

This type of tapping machine is new and very efficient in tapping, it is driven by the servo motor utilizing a 220 AC voltage as it's power supply, which is very powerful. The Electric taper has a great automatically degree, and by using the control panel, the manual or automatic mode can be set.

The depth, adjusting speed, enabling a continuous tapping, maintaining a particular work range, the intelligent torque can all be controlled effectively by you. It also has a maximum of M48.


The components of the electric tapping machine include the following

  • Display screen of the control panel

  • Flex arm

  • Servo motor

  • Power wire

  • Operate button

  • Fixed seat

  • Gear box

  • Tap holder

  • Universal head (optional)


  • The electric taper has great stability
  • Works with full power

  • The noise level is very low

  • It is lightweight

  • Equilibrium of its tapping force

  • Quality thread precision

  • Very easy to control


It is very applicable to mold processing equipment, manufacturing of valves, and various machine industries.

Which machine do I should equip with - pneumatic tapping machine or electric tapping machine?

Pneumatic tapping machine has a few disadvantages:

  • Pneumatic tapping machine often need to add lubricating oil for daily maintenance, resulting in a lot of grease, easy to dirty environment, and make big noise when working.

  • Tapping torque of pneumatic tapping machine is not big enough, the thread can not solve the above M24;

  • Pneumatic tapping machine to provide air compressor, large power consumption or energy consumption.

But for electric threading machine , it doesn't need to be added the lubricating oil, and noise is lower, and work under only AC 220V single-phase. So energy saving and friendly environmental protection. So electric tapping machine is becoming more and more popular.

If you would like to know the detailed types of electric tapping machine, please click here.

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